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Hey, Sister, Soul Sisters!

If you read my previous post, you will know I met my doppleganger a few weeks ago. Angelika spent one night in Milwaukee, and it felt like we had known each other forever. Well now she has written, from across the great pond, her piece about the evening we enjoyed together in Milwaukee. If you speak German, you can read it here: Milwaukee: Als ich meine Soulsister Traf

And if you don’t speak German, I have provided a translation here, by Google Translate. The translations by GT are always rather humorous! Enjoy – and thanks Angelika (who is in Curacao now… a girl on the go!).

Written by Angelika Schwaff (Google Translate)

“The sun is almost down , and with it the last late summer heat , as I park my mobile home in Milwaukee . I still do not think I ‘ll meet like a true angel. Because that’s the best thing about traveling : when you have no great expectations – and then pleasantly surprised.

As the night should be quite short and the next day I had a seven hour drive ahead of me, I had just decided not to far out drive out of town ( the next best campsite would in fact either up north or 60 miles west of Milwaukee located ) but me on airbnb to book accommodation directly in the city for the night. The company had given two vouchers me before my trip – my first and I wanted to use here. I had noticed an ad that sounded promising. It was close to the freeway and yet in the center. And the profile of the landlord named Kerry sounded very nice.

Kerry comes out against me, even radiant. Her gaze falls on my boots and my view of her shoes. Our first laugh – we both wear green. Her home is beautifully decorated, many devotional objects from around the world and then there is an enticing scent of her kitchen. Kerry had asked me in the afternoon on the phone if I wanted to eat dinner together with her – and of course I wanted. When we start snipping and stirring to talk to and I know that Kerry also has her own travel blog. What a coincidence! Her last voyage had led her to Bali and from there she had also brought the recipe to cook for us tonight. I’m excited!

At dinner we talk about God and the world, about our travel experiences, about family, animals, books (we are both Sara Paretsky fans!). And the vexing issue number one men.

Very often it ‘s like this: in the first days I ‘m slightly confused. Either it’s the jet lag or the soul, which still is slacking and has not yet arrived with. Maybe you knows this one is not yet eingegroovt properly. And then the only remedies: meet people, not to crawl. At least for me it works all the time.

Throughout the evening, we are engrossed in conversation . Your dog she got from a shelter years ago, and first had a little afraid of me, her head is now next to us on the couch, on my lap. Kerry and I have the feeling we’ve known each other for ages. Before I go to bed I’ll have my business card so we can keep in touch – and as Kerry sees my card, she starts to laugh out loud: it has the same !

Despite the short night I sleep like a baby – and when I am sneaking down the stairs, Kerry is already there – with a coffee cup and a Tupperbox with the tasty leftovers from the day before. Everything for me – to take on my long journey. Our parting is difficult. But I have to go, so I am on time in Indiana. Kerry waves to me and my camper and I know that has always been like my instinct on the right track myself.

And I’m grateful for how challenging and rewarding ti is to zureisen alone – otherwise I would not have found my Soul Sister – here in the heartland of the USA.”

by Angelika Schwaff

How is that for a good story!!?


Breathe, Smile, Go Slowly


The alarm jangles. I stretch, roll out, and peek through the curtains.  I’ll have to wear snow pants and full gear.  The dogs will need their jackets, too.

Although we live in the middle of the city, the park is only two blocks away. This isn’t hard to imagine since there are 136 parks in Milwaukee. The largest one is over a thousand acres, but my park is a petite thirteen. We have time to make one round. The snow crunches under my boots and the dogs leap and yip, catching the chunky snowflakes swirling furiously around us.  The moon sets to the west just before the sun begins to wash a sliver of light blue across the horizon.

First trip of the day over.